Laser Capabilities

Hall and pickles are able to offer laser cut products in mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium

We offer innovative methods of working including; V-Cut Bends to ease the manufacturing of frames and other fabrications, Micro-Joints to compensate for internal stresses of material, Active-Marking to etch the part number of each individual piece that comes out of the machine, Chamfered Edges to increase weld penetration, and many more ways of increasing the efficiency of your works. Contact us if you would like a quote, or to discuss any specific requirements you might have.

Minimum Maximum
Round Hollow Section 12mm 406mm
Rectangular Hollow Section 20mm x 15mm 250mm x 150mm
Square Hollow Section 12mm x 12mm 300mm x 300mm
Oval Hollow Section 32mm x 17mm 250mm x 125mm
Rolled Steel Angle 25mm x 25mm x 3mm 200mm x 200mm x 12mm
Parallel Flanged Channel 50mm x 25mm 300mm x 100mm
Unloading length: 8.5m