Conditions of Purchase

Hall & Pickles

Conditions of Purchase

Please also note our Conditions of Sale.

Official Order

No responsibility is accepted for goods or services except those ordered on our official purchase orders.

Changes/Order Amendments

Supplier shall carry out any changes to the Work required by the Purchaser which without limitation may include alterations in the quantity of the Work as well as additions or omissions to the scope and subject matter of the Work and no change shall vitiate the Order.  No such changes shall be complied with unless expressed by way of written Order Amendment from Purchaser to Supplier signed by an authorised signatory of Purchaser.

All changes shall be valued at the rates and prices set out in the Order. If the rates and prices in the Order are not applicable to the changes then suitable rates based on those in the Order shall be agreed between Purchaser and Supplier. In the event of failure by the Purchaser with the Supplier to agree such suitable rates or prices then the Purchaser shall determine fair and reasonable rates or prices and utilise the same to adjust the Order Amendment accordingly. Any such increase or decrease ascertained by the Purchaser shall remain fixed and final and shall not be subject to further adjustment.

Advice Notes

Our order number must be quoted on advice notes, invoices and all relevant correspondence.

One copy of advice note to be sent to receiving warehouse.

Carriage and Packing

Delivery to our works as stated on this order to be free. Packing charges will not be accepted.

Price and Quantities

Increases in prices or quantities will not be accepted.


Should the agreed delivery date be exceeded we reserve the right to cancel this Purchase Order or any undelivered balance. In the event of a stoppage in our works due to strikes, accidents or other unforeseen circumstances, deliveries may be suspended, amended or cancelled at our request and we accept no responsibility for extra transport and carriage cost.

Faulty Goods

Goods must be to our specification or they will be returned at your risk and expense.

Standards and Specifications

Goods ordered to a standard or specification shall be capable of satisfying such requirements.


Goods supplied under this order must not infringe any letters patent, either UK or foreign, and you will indemnify us against actual or alleged infringement.


These conditions shall have precedence over any printed conditions on suppliers acceptance forms, quotations or correspondence and are in addition to and without prejudice to our rights at law as buyers.